Morbid Diaries: Charlotte's Discipline. The Story


readful sleepless nights haunt Charlotte as she loses touch with herself, waking in pools of sweat, her body trembles in fear and desire. With the opening of a new club in town, Charlotte tries to keep herself sane with her friends and nightlife, but she's tormented by her erotic nightmares. Charlotte feels compelled to embark a journey of passion, pain and pleasure. Her obsession leads her to Edison Hyde, a Master who's willing to teach and train her into submission, but he has his own secrets and his own agenda. Charlotte's mind sinks into the darker side of her haunting lusts as she loses grip on her own realities. She is torn between the world she's known and the world she needs.

er sister, Elenore, efforts herself to give needed direction but finds she has her own temptations to face. She's always kept her good side forward, spending her days and nights preparing for her own future. Her focus has always been on her schooling leaving her without friends and a naive dream to find her prince. By her own sister and newfound friends, Elenore tries to keep from being pulled into her own self destruction.


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